Who? Jamie Gibson.

When? Since May 2016, when my wife, fed up with listening (or more honestly probably not listening) to me badger her about either food or books all day, every day, created a place where I could share my culinary experiments – including the disasters – and anything that I am reading.

Where? Northamptonshire, England. Life really began at Oxford University, where I met my beloved wife who was studying Classics with me – I commuted between Oxford and London to continue a burgeoning rugby career with my first club, London Irish. From there we moved to Leicester where I played for two years in a Tigers shirt. In 2015 I signed with Northampton Saints, which has brought us to a small pretty village on the outskirts of Northampton.

Why and what? To document a bit of our life and my kitchen experiments. Being a rugby player means I get to spend a lot of time at home with my family. This means more time cooking, playing with my son and wife and then curling up with a book in the evening. A voracious reader since I was small, I’ve always loved stories. Recently, it has been a lot of fantasy, but basically any story that I particularly like the look of. When the rugby took off, and I found myself needing to eat lots to put on weight, I began to collect cook books and experiment in the kitchen with anything I could get my hands on. Now I mix these two passions with entertaining my son and helping my wife to establish her company, Pannacotta.

Why Butter Wouldn’t Melt? Anyone with children will understand and know that moment when your little baby looks over at you with the most disarming smile and innocent look while toddling away from the most almighty mess. Butter also happens to be one of my favourite ingredients – spread on toast, thrown in a frying pan for steaks or simply added to warm vegetables as a garnish!

Anything else? Apart from my beautiful wife and 14 month old baby boy, we are thrilled to have another little monster on the way. My wife documents her pregnancies, design and baking among other things over on her blog Pannacotta London.