BBQ ribs dry rub

Whether I’m cooking memphis style ribs with a thick bark or sticky sweet baby backs this is my go to rub to start the process off. It gives a beautiful balance to begin the lengthy but wonderful cooking process but feel free to add more heat, spice, smoke and aromatic flavours.


Recipe: enough rub for 3 racks of ribs – any leftovers store or use in your backyard bbq sauce.


1/4 cup sweet paprika

5 tsp dark brown sugar

3 tsp white sugar

4 tsp pepper

3 tsp sea salt (I have used viking smoked salt before too!)

1 tsp cayenne pepper

1.5 tsp garlic powder

1.5 tsp coleman english mustard powder

1 tsp onion powder


Throw together all the ingredients and mix well.

Will last up to a month if sealed in an airtight container.


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