Stuffed Burgers

If you hear burger what do you think of? Beef patty, topped with cheese, maybe bacon and whatever takes your fancy laid on top? What about a beef patty with all those delicious ingredients stuffed inside instead? Here was my attempt at some stuffed burgers!


This is one of a few posts I wrote a while back, when it was still summer, but never got round to posting as the last few weeks have been pretty busy with the arrival of our little Henry and everything surrounding it. Anyway, here goes…

One of our favourite nice’n’easy-but-delicious meals at home has to be the burger: not much can beat simple burger patties, fried in a good wad of butter on the hob, a slice of cheese on half way through and topped with a rasher of crispy bacon; especially when served with parmentier style potato chips, peas and a sweet red pepper/onion relish.

But it was hot and sunny and I couldn’t say no to such perfect bbq conditions – and when the weather is so good, you have no excuse not to play a little and see what you can create – so stuffed homemade burgers it was to be.

First, I needed to work out what to play with:

  • we couldn’t do burgers without the red pepper/onion relish somewhere.
  • I’ve always loved blue cheese with a burger so wanted to try something with that.
  • you can’t have a good burger without a good cheddar.


Ingredients sorted, we got to making the burger patties. It was messy work but stuffing them turned out an absolute dream. They came out beautifully moist and tender with loads of flavour. The only change I’d make for next time would be even more stuffing!

Sorry about the glare in some of the photos – as you can see it was a brilliant summer’s day which made photography hard!


made 5 large burgers


800g mince meat (15% fat content)

1 medium onion



for the stuffings:

saint agur blue creme cheese

1 sweet romano pepper

1 medium onion

cooking oil/butter

extra mature cheddar, grated


Light up your grill and bring it up to 220C, with your grill plates at the lowest setting.

To prepare your stuffing mixes:

Dice the pepper and onion.


Place a saucepan on your hob over medium heat. Add your cooking oil and throw in your onion before seasoning. Gently stir on the hob for a couple of minutes or until the onion begins to soften. Add your pepper, season and cook, stirring occasionally, until the peppers glisten. Take off the hob and leave to cool.

For the burgers: finely chop your onion and place it in a large bowl with the mince. Season well and then mix with your hands until it’s all combined.


Take a fistful of the mix and place on your work surface before flattening into a patty around 1cm thick. Repeat this with the rest of the meat ensuring you have an even number. We had ten patties.


Divide your patties into pairs.

On one, place a spoonful of your stuffing. We went for three different mixes. Grated cheddar on one:


A pepper relish and grated cheddar on a second:


And saint agur blue creme cheese on a third.


Lay a second patty on top and pinch the edges to form a tight seal.


Using your hands, cup each double patty to round out into a single thick stuffed patty.


Repeat with the remaining pairs – use whatever stuffing you like most.


Spray or rub your grill with some olive oil – to prevent your burgers sticking to the grill.

Lay your stuffed patties on the grill and close the lid.


After 3-4 minutes


Around 3-4 minutes later, once grill marks start to appear, flip your patties over and grill for the further 3-4 minutes.


Remove to a clean plate and leave to rest, loosely covered with foil, for 5 minutes.

We went for a skinny burger but if you want a proper bun, cut your burger buns in half and lay them cut-side-down on the grill till grill marks start to appear while your patty is resting

Once your burgers are nicely rested, serve with whatever you like.


Served alongside our favourite parmentier style potatoes with peas and the rest of the red pepper/onion relish.





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