Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes

When Marcus Bawdon asked me to write an autumnal recipe for UKBBQ Mag I quickly worked out I wanted to go for Pork three ways. But the hardest thing to decide was what to serve with it – it took a little while, but once we had chosen it was obvious we had a winner – hasselback “hedgehog” dauphinoise.

I knew I wanted to go with a potato dish, but I wanted to do something exciting and a little different. A friend, Gav Austin, the chef at the club, suggested Hasselback potatoes. I was immediately interested! When I tried to explain how to make them to my wife, I think I must have mumbled slightly and she only heard the bit about slicing the potatoes, saying, “you mean like dauphinoise, but on its side.” It was inspired!

Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes 10 | butterwouldntmelt.com

The end result was a decadent creamy base, with a crisp crunchy topping; a showstopper in it’s own right but a great to compliment to almost any dish – it worked beautifully with our bacon wrapped stuffed pork tenderloin.

Bacon wrapped stuffed pork tenderloin 8 | butterwouldntmelt.comBacon wrapped stuffed pork tenderloin 12 | butterwouldntmelt.com


makes enough for a 27x18cm roasting dish


potatoes 1200g

double cream, 500g



1 garlic clove


Bring your oven/bbq up to 180C – if using the bbq, set up for indirect cooking.

Peel and thinly slice your potatoes. A mandolin can guarantee a consistent thickness and makes life a lot easier.

Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes 2 | butterwouldntmelt.com

In a large bowl, pour in your cream and season well – can’t really season too much! Throw your potatoes into the bowl and mix until every potato is coated on all sides.

Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes 3 | butterwouldntmelt.com

Peel your garlic and rub your roasting dish all over.

Take handfuls of the cream potato mixture and stack vertically in your roasting dish. Once finished, pour over a little more of the leftover cream until it’s a 1/3 – 1/2 way up the side of the dish.

Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes 5 | butterwouldntmelt.com

Season and top with a few slivers of butter.

Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes 6 | butterwouldntmelt.com

Once your oven/bbq is up to temperature, place your roasting dish inside.

After 30 minutes, remove the foil cover. Roast for another hour.

Bacon wrapped stuffed pork tenderloin 6 | butterwouldntmelt.com

We like to grate some cheese over the dish 30 minutes before the end – in this cook we used some comté but parmesan and most cheddars would work perfectly.

Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes 8 | butterwouldntmelt.com

After 1 hour 30 minutes total cooking time you should have a beautifully crisp topping with cream bubbling out of the base.

Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes 9 | butterwouldntmelt.com

Remove from the cooker and leave to cool for a couple of minutes before serving.

Hasselback dauphinoise potatoes 10 | butterwouldntmelt.com

Served alongside bacon wrapped stuffed pork tenderloin with crunchy green beans and a cider and apple purée.

Bacon wrapped stuffed pork tenderloin 12 | butterwouldntmelt.com




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