Roast new potatoes

If you’ve got a chunk of meat smoking on the bbq then you have the perfect opportunity to throw some delicious roast new potatoes into your dish. Whether for a sit down dinner, or serving a summer lunch with some friends, as long as you have some space on the bbq then these contribute perfectly to any meal.P1190883 (1)



bag of new potatoes

couple of sprigs of rosemary

2 garlic cloves

olive oil/butter

salt and pepper


BBQ needs to be between 150C-200C. This cook was at 160C.

Leaving the skin on, cut your potatoes into similar size chunks.

Throw them into a pan of boiling water and par boil for 10 minutes.

Drain and toss them into a roasting dish. Add the garlic, rosemary and olive oil/butter and season well with salt and pepper.


Place the roasting dish on your grill, either with direct or indirect heat – shouldn’t really matter. Make sure you’re cooking with the lid down.


Toss the potatoes every so often.


When golden, and crispy enough for you liking, take off and serve. Ours took just over an hour.

P1190886 (1)

We had ours with pork belly, leeks, smoked apple purée and a beautiful sauce made from some of the vegetables cooked with the pork.

P1190986 (1)


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