Roast Beef thanks to Marcus Bawdon

Yesterday afternoon, I sent a message to Marcus Bawdon (@devonwoodsmoke) on twitter asking him for any tips on roasting a 750g joint of beef on the bbq.

He replied with the following message:

“have good quality lumpwood charcoal banked up on one side, nothing on the other half, no ceramic plate setter…but the grate on top of the triangle metal extender..brush the beef with dijon mustard then season with salt & pepper, a little oak smoke, a handful of oak chips or one oak chunk in the coals…place the beef on the side with no coals (indirect) lid down on KJ, daisy wheel vents fully open and bottom vent 3/4 open…cook to rare 48-50c and rest wrapped in a little foil, should take +/- 90 mins…get a digi thermometer to measure internal temp of meat”

I had a go straightaway…

Firstly, the beef was dried with kitchen towelling, then brushed with dijon mustard and seasoned liberally with salt and pepper.


It was then placed on the indirect side of the Big Joe, with the coals banked and the vents left as suggested. (Daisy wheel with vents fully open and the bottom vent between 2/3 and 3/4 open)

After half an hour I checked to make sure the meat was browning gently but not too fast.


Another 45 minutes or so later, it measured 51C on the thermometer so came off the bbq to be wrapped in foil for 10 minutes.

Here were the final results.

Thumbs up from all the family – even my little 14 month old had a few bites – and will definitely be asking Marcus for a few more tips.


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